Your Dog hates New Year’s Eve.. Keep them Safe

Dog friendly New Year’s Eve tips? You’re in the right place. New Year’s Eve is an excellent time to get together with friends and celebrate the end of the year with music and fireworks. Who doesn’t love it? Probably your dog and cat. Sad but true, celebrations like New Year’s Eve can be dangerous for your pet. Now is a great time to learn why and get prepared to protect your beloved dog or cat in the simplest way possible.

Your dog hates New Year’s Eve and you don’t know it

No matter what you’ve planned for this year, there is a high chance that your dog or cat is not going to like it. These are the most frequent reasons why dogs and cats don’t usually enjoy New Year’s Eve:

  • You go on vacation
  • Many guests
  • Fireworks – inescapable noise and loud music

Why are fireworks dangerous for your dog?

Fireworks, noise and loud music can turn even the bravest dog into a scared puppy. When your dog is scared, he has the natural instinct to go and find shelter.

Now that you are aware that New Year’s Eve is not usually a fun day for your dog, you can take some other extra precautions. Here are five tips for a dog friendly New Year’s Eve.

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