Wonder Why Corgi Considered as the Best Dog Breed! – Here’s Why?

Corgi breeds are of two distinct types

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.  The distinctiveness is because they are from different ancestors. However, they share amazing resemblances due to the 19th century crossbreeding.  Pembroke Welsh corgis are great little dogs that are very feisty and make good matches for playful children. They’re tolerant, which helps them get along with children.  You can only differentiate a Pembroke from a Cardigan corgi breed by looking out for the tails.  Pembroke lacks a tail, while Cardigan Welsh corgis have both the tail and rounded ears, unlike Pembroke with pointy ears.

differences between pembroke and cardigan welsh corgis Source: Breedingbusiness

Corgi dogs are naturally strong-willed and intelligence.  However, you can only get the best out of their intelligence trait through serious training.  You will be amazed at how well they can obey rules when such rules are clearly set or defined.  Consider living with a corgi as raising a child, they are bound to test you in several aspects, and you must not falter.  With a corgi in your home, you can rest assured of pure pleasure. Corgis are also brilliant dogs, much like many family-friendly dog breeds. Though not the biggest dogs, corgis are very protective of children and defend them vigorously. Pembroke Welsh corgis are adorable little companions that are a great fit for any family.

If you are looking to get a corgi, you should check around for a Corgi breeder, or check online for possible acquisitions.  Most corgi owners have reportedly found their pets online. You can also check local pet shops around you – most are keeping Corgi pups for sale.  However, the prices are slightly higher, but that is quite understandable.

All of the corgis have this great smile that you will always look forward to seeing after a long day of work.  You have a friend and companion in a corgi, and getting one will be one of your best decisions ever.

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