Ways To Hang Out With Your Dog This Summer!

Share some frozen treats

Make your own frozen treats or visit your local ice cream stand (many offer special frozen Fido treats) for a taste of summer that will cool you both.

Enjoy an outdoor movie

Enjoy a flick with Fido at a drive-in theater or a special outdoor movie night held by your local park – or stream a movie on your laptop as the two of you hang out for an evening of movie watching under the stars.

 Have A Backyard Sprinkler Party

If your dog loves the water, he’ll probably have a blast running through the sprinkler just like you probably did when you were a kid. In fact, you can even invite some of the neighbor dogs over for a backyard party if your pup wants to hang out with some other canines while you catch up with your human friends.

Build a sand castle

Can’t make it to the beach? Turn a child’s sandbox into a dog sandcastle. Bury squeaker dog toys and treats and watch your dog play in the sand.

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