Ways To Hang Out With Your Dog This Summer!

Summer always leaves too soon! But even with summer winding down, there’s still plenty of time to do some fun activities with your dog that take advantage of the warm weather. Lots of dogs love being outside, exploring nature, swimming, and finding new smells. But your dog’s favorite thing to do is probably spending time with you. So get out and enjoy the summer while you have time!

Catch a baseball game

Many major and minor league baseball teams plan a special “bark at the park” event, often to benefit a local rescue. Check with your local teams to see if they’ll be scheduling a dog-friendly game.

 Take The Day Off

Most of us have made the difficult choice to push our sleeping pups off our arms so we could go to work at some point. Today, let your pup sleep on you. Call in and take the day off. There’s nothing wrong with taking a little “me” time, especially if that me time is spent with your dog. Your pooch will certainly appreciate having you around all day, and they’ll be extra happy that they don’t have to go through the stress of watching you walk out the door without them. Have a work-free, relaxing day with your bestie.

Go On A Road Trip

There’s nothing like a car ride for a dog. Crack the window–not too far–so he can feel the wind on his face and catch all the new smells. Make sure your pup has a doggy seat belt. Safety first. Then just hit the road. You don’t even need to have a destination in mind. Just spend some time with your pup.

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